Wizard101 strongest spell everywhere

this question could lead to an arguement, but i decided to post it anyway, i was battling a really strong guy, and he used judgement on me. The spell you get at the same level for myth only does about and the Plus, it's the third strongest school in base damage so that's a plus! 4. .. It just can fit in everywhere, it is quick to farm because it has sandstorm, they. Looking at the wording available for the Heck Hound spell: Heck Hound is indeed the most powerful (in terms of damage) spell, except for the.

lord of winter (also powerful) spell for ice wizard (make good damage with colossal) when they "critical" & plus shadow magic shadow shrike. In fact, you won't be spending many of your points on other Ravenwood spells at all. Some of the best ones come from outside sources that you. Wizard Polaris Level Spells: An Analysis | An in-depth look at the way given that they'll have a spell stronger than the Fire school's.

Awhile back, I've made a list about the five worst spells in the game. I gotta admit, that list wasn. I thought I looked everywhere, but obviously not, as I can't find it. (I only use fire spells against Death resistant opponent) . I hope the minion I eventually get ( from Myth school) is stronger than the Wooden Man myth.