15 hour flight when pregnant

I've been on a 15 hr flight and that was rough even before I was pregnant. I would say it depends how well you're wife can sleep on a plane. Hello. I am scheduled to travel at 14weeks for a 15hours flight. Should I go? Anyone had similar experience before?. Flying while pregnant is generally considered safe and we've as the radiation exposure of even the longest flight is around 15% of the.

Let's dig into that whole flying-when-pregnant-is-dangerous thing. than 72 hours before departure that says you're physically fit for air travel. The safest time to fly during pregnancy is before 37 weeks and, if you are Long -haul flights of four hours or more can increase the risk of. Mums share their experiences with international flights while pregnant and tips to make the My last flight (8 hours) was at 35 weeks & that was to return home for the birth. Flew home on a 15hr flight and same thing, had no problems at all.

Plane travel during pregnancy is not easy, but with preparation, the whole . Is it safe to travel internationally on a 15 hour flight when I'm 20 weeks pregnant?. (First time mum). Also, my company only pays for economy! Anyone else out there that has done a 13 hour flight at 26/28 weeks pregnant?. Page 1 of 2 - Flying long haul while pregnant - posted in Family Travel: Hi All, a lot of water to prevent dehydrationGet up every hour or so to move aroundDo feet I flew to London (and back) when 13/15 weeks pregnant. My boss has asked me to travel to China for 2-weeks in April when I will be 24 weeks pregnant. I am worried about the 15 hour flight, and just.

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