Backup google drive whatsapp for ipad

You can use Google Drive to back up content on your iPhone and iCloud account . Photos will back up to. You can back up your chats and media to Google Drive, so if you change Android phones or get a new one, your chats and media are transferrable. Launch WhatsApp from your Home screen access to your Google Drive backup.

How to turn on iCloud Drive for WhatsApp backups on iPhone be able to restore your chats if you reinstall WhatsApp on any iOS device. Tips: How to Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive? Drive, meaning that Google Drive's encryption protocol is not compatible with the iOS. Steps to Only Back Up WhatsApp WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to.

To backup iPhone/iPad WhatsApp chats to computer, follow these steps: . To backup and restore WhatsApp backup using Google Drive. I have backup my Samsung Whatsapp, but it will go to Google Drive Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support. iPhone users can make use of iCloud backup, the same way you get WhatsApp chats transferred via Google Drive on Android devices. Is it possible to transfer.

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