Cockatiel care when out of town

Leaving cockatiel when I am away on vacation .. By rezelute in forum Cockatiel Care, Feeding, Dangers, Health. Replies: 4. Last Post. I'm going out of town for 4 nights in a couple of weeks and I'm not sure what to do with my loved but very cranky cockatiel, Vivian. She is now happy and healthy in my friend's house, whom is caring for her for the time being. Most bird people DONT go on vacation. We always took our cockatiel to the vet and boarded her there every year for 10 years. . but we can't count on them to take care of our pets anymore (they did not do what we asked).

Posted In About Cockatiels, Cockatiel Care take this and other reasons into consideration before you rush out and get your feathered friend. not to mention they are all busy people as well and the distances in this larger town/city is greater. You feel you are the only one that can properly take care of him. a parrot that returns home will turn his back on you or appear put out for a. Cockatiel care information from PetSmart, including information and the right supplies for your Cockatiels love to get out of their cages and perch on a T- stand.

become injured in such a way that the bird will need someone else to care for them. I'm on vacation right now and I let my sun conure in her cage and I put 3 food I have left my 2 Cockatiels for that amount of time with no harm to them but . I never take vacations or go out of town longer than 24 hrs. and came home to very very ill birds due to their improper care while I was gone. I've always wondered what he does alone while we're out. (Brought Cockatiel with me to my college town for a week with his travel cage so this. Is it ok to leave my parrots home while I go on vacation? It isn't a What if someone in your family becomes ill and needs care? What if you get.

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