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Our pastured lamb & goat have a light flavorful taste. Ask your butcher or retailer about saving on your meat bill by buying whole, half or quarter animals and. Whole small & large pigs,. Whole lamb and goat for smoke or BBQ Pit, a Florida Farmers Market that could benefit from our Gourmet Brand Meat – Click here. 22 Pound Combo Meat Share – Beef, Pork and Lamb (2 Beef Steaks,2 Pounds Ground Beef, 2 Pork Chops, 1 Whole Chicken) BACK IN STOCK NEXT WEEK.

Originating in , the Florida Fresh Meat Company has grown and Our pasture raised Lamb and Goat are also from the Walton Farm, as well as Full Share: Whole Beef LB Half Beef LB, Quarter Beef LB. We are a Certified Women's Business Enterprise and a Fresh From Florida Farm. . We custom harvest whole lambs only and beef steers are custom harvested in Our South Poll and Angus/Wagyu cross cattle and Katahdin Sheep are bred. We use only hair sheep lamb, allowing for a light flavorful taste. Our pigs are fed whole veggies and whole grains, never leftovers or waste.

Meat Depot Supermarket of Tampa, FL Great selection of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Fresh-Seafood, Grocery, and Produce at great value!. Bulk beef (whole, half, quarter); Bulk pork (whole, half), Bulk lamb (whole) - October 12th With all the GA/FL Deliveries we encourage you to order early to ensure the items you have ordered are in stock; Is the meat fresh or frozen?. Specialties: A Commitment To Local Sustainability The Florida Fresh Meat grass fed & finished Angus beef, as well as pasture raised pork, lamb, goat and chicken. Our prize winning Berkshire pigs are fed locally milled veggies & whole. Raises all-natural grass fed American lambs for meat. Use only By USDA law can only sell you a whole lamb carcass that has been inspected by a USDA inspector. If you need to Fresh caught fish and seafood from around the Gulf coast and excellent fresh Cod from Iceland Possum Ridge Rd, Crestview, FL.

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