How to change wii menu theme 4.3u

I have a U custom theme I want to edit, that works on my Wii. I want to change the Healthscreen and Background. Any tutorials or quick tips?. Mymenuify is a custom theme installer for the System menu. If you don't like the White theme, change it with this app. Install Wii cSM WARNING: This program allows you to make. How to Change Wii System Menu Theme .. on Twitter! xAdityaGamingHD ☻ BEST HACK FOR WII SYSTEM MENU CHANGE U AND E.

If you delete the savegame from the Wii, your theme will be lost. Do not bend this rule: Cropping, cutting up, changing the colors or font that enables the Japanese language (if your System Menu is configured in Japanese). MyMenuify is an application used to install themes on your Wii's System Menu. It uses CSM files created by MyMenu or ThemeMii and also. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to Jailbreak Wii version U then downgrading to U for Wii Menu Themes(Optional). IF YOU BRICK.

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