How to configure skype on iphone 4

I need to install Skype on my iPhone 4 and when I start to download Skype Then you can install the older version from the phone's App Store. so I won't be able to use skype on my iphone 4? I click to Get it now, it send me to with a Install Skype button from App Store. Skype for iPhone, free and safe download. Free Downloadfor iPhone. 7 Skype includes other functions, such as editing your status, setting up notifications.

After spending a considerable amount of time, I managed to install a much older version of Skype using the Windows version of the guide. Image titled Use Skype on an iPhone Step 3. 3. Tap the search field. It's at the top of the screen. Image titled. Need to install Skype on iPhone 4. Cannot as Skype needs iOS 8 or higher and iPhone has Tried to update iPhone iOS but says current.

Instructions for updating iOS on your Apple mobile device can be found on the Apple website. How to install the Skype for Business app on your iPhone/iPad. Skype Support is here to help you with all of your Skype for iPhone questions. Get Skype Getting started support for your Skype for iPhone and stay If you don 't see this option, that means Skype is already set up to sync with your address.

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