How to culture infusoria fast

If you've sought information about feeding the newly hatched fry, you've probably been told to go out and get some infusoria. What is infusoria. How to Make Infusoria. Infusoria are a bloom of microorganisms that are popular for feeding fry (newly born fish). It is cheap and prolific to make. This is the best. The easiest way to culture infusoria is by collecting water and/or filter debris If you feed your fry often enough, they should grow very quickly.

Liquifry is a product that feeds the infusoria in the tank and promoted the growth of the small organisms that fry feed on. Many breeders swear. Instead, the fry requires small, live or fresh foods to grow faster during their initial life stages. Infusoria is a popular solution because it offers. However, there are too many "recipes" online on culturing infusoria. Which method of culturing infusoria is the fastest and most efficient way to.

'ello all! I believe I am almost ready to try and breed my Aphyosemion striatum killifish, but first I need some tips on culturing infusoria. I tried. I have been reading up on suitable food for young fry as I am going to attempt to breed my bettas. I thought I would need to buy eggs but have.

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