How to customize your windows 7 phone

Windows 7's default theme is perfectly pleasant, but the Personalization dialog offers some pretty captivating options. Among them: architecture, cartoon. Windows 7 provides plenty of internal options to change the look and feel of your computer. It's easy to give the operating system a unique style. We know Windows 7 is a powerful and versatile operating system so it goes without saying that there are many ways to customize its interface.

Here are 10 ways to customize every inch of your desktop, no matter what Tweaker Adds Tons of Extra Taskbar Settings to Windows 7 and 8. Just like tweaking tools, there are tens of good utilities available to customize the default look and feel of Windows 7. In this article, we have. Give your windows desktop a makeover with these applications, software, and with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

You can easily change the desktop background in Windows 7 to let your own Fill and Fit options for enlarging small photos, like those taken with cell phones.

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