How to do jack sparrows eyes

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before you start. You should always wash your hands before applying makeup, especially around the eyes. Oil can be. Who can forget that creepy but cool tribal Eyeball makeup Captain Jack wore as the king/sacrifice in waiting in Pirates of the Caribbean 2? This is a fun twist on the typical Jack Sparrow costume this year. Pat a concealer or eye shadow base all over the eyelid, inner corners, and. Don't adjust ye goggles - that is indeed Kandee the makeup artist garbed as the marauding swain Jack Sparrow from Disney's "Pirates of the.

A very well done tutorial series on how to do Jack Sparrow's eye make-up (see the whole series). Got a "raccoon eye" thing going on. .. How does that happen? . Jack Sparrows , Captain Jack Sparrow, Realistic Drawings, Johnny Depp. How many of us can forget Jack Sparrow's eyes. #JackSparrow #JohnnyDepp # POTC.

The mark isn't the only update to Jack Sparrow's look in the movie. Depp told EW "[Jack] just probably couldn't take the stench of the old one.

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