How to downgrade from ie9 to ie8

On Installing IE9 your Internet Explorer 8 version will be upgraded to IE9 and IE9 will be installed as an update rather than as program hence it will not appear in. is there a way to uninstall IE9 on windows 7 and install IE8? How to downgrade from Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7. I have a new DELL with Windows 7 64 bit installed and it came with IE9 as the default. How do I downgrade to IE8? I do not see a way to obtain.

If you have enough reasons to get back to IE8 from IE9 by uninstalling IE9, which is called downgrading, here is how to downgrade from IE9 to. Go into Program and Features> click View installed updates and find IE9 on the list. Uninstall it and Windows 7 will revert to IE8. I need to find the script from downgrade from IE11 to IE10 to IE9 for all the .. We have downgraded to ie8 due to some application compatibility.

How to downgrade from IE9 to IE8 in Windows 7 Several modern websites and business applications do not work with the IE9 web browser. Downgrade from IE10 to IE9 or IE8 in Windows 7. Click on Start Menu>Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features; Click on on "View installed updates". Internet Explorer 8 is the version that comes pre-installed with every Windows 7 If, after upgrading, you find you prefer IE 8 over IE 10, you can downgrade your .

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