How to fit new kitchen worktops

If you're changing the shape and size of the worktop, remember that you'll need to maintain an even overhang along the front edge of the kitchen cabinets. Any DIYer can fit their own worktops by either cutting worktop pieces to size or That's an unpleasant way to damage a new worktop, so compare your drill bit to. Need to breathe new life into your kitchen? Now is the perfect time to do so – opt for Fantastic Handyman's fitting & replacement of kitchen worktops now.

"Can I change kitchen worktops without removing my units too?" Our first ' Question of the Week' in March comes from Jackie in Swansea. A hard-wearing, hygienic worktop is a must in any modern kitchen. Nowadays, you can get high-performance options in a wide range of finishes and profiles to. Fitting kitchen worktops that look good will update the feel of any food preparation area, even if you don't choose to change your cabinets at the.

This article is all about replacement kitchen worktops and how much should you expect to pay a joiner or kitchen fitter to remove the old worktops and replace.

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