How to install outlet in car

Install an Auxiliary Power Outlet in a Vehicle: With all the electronic devices we use today, there never seems to be enough Power Outlets in a vehicle, especially . Hacker Challenge: Share Your Best DIY Car Hack He also drilled a hole above the outlet to install a small LED rocker switch he could use to. Adding an extra 12 volt outlet really comes in handy when you want to plug in that charger and the other outlet is being used. Wiring the outlet is simply a matter .

The easiest way to install an inverter in your car is to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, but that option has drawbacks. Alan Levine / Flickr. Many useful accessories simply plug into the lighter socket. Vacuum Older cars , however, may not have a special hole ready to accept a cigarette lighter. An ordinary car battery can be used to household plug-in appliances by using a simple device known as a power inverter.

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