How to share facebook event

How do I share something to an event's story? How do I post photos or videos to an event? How do I invite the members of a group to an event?. You can let people know about your events a number of different ways, including sharing an event, creating an ad and sharing a Page's upcoming events. Learn how to promote an event on Facebook using proven and innovative tactics to increase registrations and engage attendees.

Facebook is a must-use platform when it comes to creating events. It's a free and effective way to get the word out on any event your business. Facebook is a great social media tool to promote your events. How to share a facebook event doesn't have to be hard. We walk you through the process in this blog post with screen shots and humor.

Yes,, when you set up the page for the event, you can take either the URL for the event itself or the landing page where you sign up and paste onto your wall. Ready to promote your event on Facebook? We asked the Facebook Events team for their top advice for event creators in , and here are. 10 Facebook Event FAQs: Answers for Marketers by Kristi Hines on Social Create Event drop-down list options on Facebook Events page.

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