How to spot assist bf4

I'm trying to unlock the last sniper rifle on my assignments and i can't figure out the spot assist. What am I doing wrong.. Any info would be great. Its super odd when i mark someone for someone not n my squad and they kill them its a spot bonus but then when i do it for a squad mate that gets the kill its a. There are currently no problems with spotting in BF4. Simply spot everything with the Q button on PC or the Right hand bumper on Xbox or Right hand trigger on.

Ive been playing Scout all the time and I got many spot bonuses but and spot assist might be akin to the bonus you got in BF4 for having a. Spotting is a useful tactic in Battlefield 4's Multiplayer. Use the spot button while looking at an enemy soldier or vehicle to tag them for your team. i am sorry to ask.. but i don't know how to do 50 spot Assists. i use radio beacon and didnt count my squad member spot on not count. i.

A remarkable difference as well is that spotting an enemy who is subsequently killed by a team mate (prior to the expiration of the spot) leads to a "spot assist". I have my AIM assist off. Maybe that is Always felt like it had a cooldown, caue in BF4 i'd spot 1 or 2 guy, then i couldn't spot for another 3sec. So what does spotting do in Hardcore. they show up on the map that's on the scoreboard I believe, and you still get points for spot assists.

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