How to start paper cup manufacturing business

Procedure for starting a paper cup manufacturing business in India. The business can be started with an investment of Rs lakhs in. My suggestion is to stay away from disposable manufacturing business if you have no Generally, paper cup making is comparatively an easy business to start. Additionally, if you have some space, you can start this business even from home . Here in this post, find paper cup making business plan sample checklist for.

Paper cup making business is a small scale business but you will need a capital of 10 to 15 lacs to start the business as the machinery will only. In the small-scale manufacturing segment, Paper Cup Business is the comparatively easy business to start. Additionally, you can start the business from both. Here is the complete project report for Paper cup clear idea Paper cup making business start-up projected financial report.

In starting paper cup making business first, you must register your firm with Register Of Companies. You will need to obtain Trade License, Health License, Vat. Starting a paper cup manufacturing business is easy and profitable too. You can start the business as the small or large-scale both. The project cost or. The paper cup finds extensive use in railways, Hotels, household appliances, domestic applications. The product ranges from ml to ml, this manufacturing activity may well be set-up as small-scale units. . Rockford Business Links.

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