How to take off round door handles

Easy step-by-step instructions for replacing a door handle from the experts at the If your doorknob has screws on the cover plates, remove those to loosen the. Removing a door handle isn't always as straightforward as it seems. The cover plate behind the door knob or lever may be round or rectangular, depending. Installing a new door knob is an easy way to update your room decor. This Home Depot guide explains how to remove a door knob in preparation for your door.

High-end door knobs and lock sets use a unique installation style that hides mounting screws from view. When you first look at this style of door knob, it appears. You don't need a locksmith to replace a faulty lockset on an interior door. so at first glance there doesn't seem to be a way to disassemble the knob. Then pry off the round decorative plate, called the rose, to expose the screws that hold the .

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