How to take rust off hooks

Following your last fishing trip, you tossed your tackle into the box or container and promptly forgot all about it until a month later Now, Read more. While there are a variety of ways to remove rust from old fishing hooks, the easiest way to restore them to their original condition is to grind or sand the rust off. Rust is a chemical reaction caused by the oxidation of iron. Household vinegar will stop the reaction. Simply soak your rusty hooks in vinegar.

I have some blades on my spinners, cranks with rust on the hooks also some jigs .. what can I do to clean it off I took them off put them in water. Takes hardly any elbow grease to work away the rust once you remove item from the vinegar. Cons: The item needs to soak overnight, so it. All it takes is a little time and one ingredient to remove rust from those old fishing lures to bring those back to life and hook more fish.

When I live-bait for blue marlin in the Gulf of Mexico, I like to use the Eagle Claw non-offset tournament circle hooks because they are chemically sharpened. If your talking about smaller sized hooks (like 1/0 thru 6/0) I just sand off my lightly rusted hooks and use them over and over again. However do.

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