How to trickshot in mw2 ps3

Hello everyone! This will teach you how to do about every Mw2 Trickshot!:D First off you will need to know how to play claw. Image titled Trickshot on rust. 3. Stun your enemy. Use either stun or flash grenades to make it hard for your target to move. If anyone trickshots on bo4 (Ps4) and is looking for a team dm me on Looking for MW2 PS3 Players to trickshot online or even in private.

Today i finished the first version of my Trickshot menu. This menu is fully focussed for trickshotters and trickshotting. With the special. I have been playing cod since mw and if i ever do a trickshot it is just beacuse of luck. i love to snipe but i want my This is PS3 motherfucker.

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