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You must enable JavaScript to play content. What The Butler Saw. Kermode Uncut. Mark Kermode's film blog. Kermode Uncut · Terms & conditions Help. What The Butler Saw. Tuesday 09 July , Mark Kermode. Comments. I' ve been sniffy in the past about the acting exploits of Gerard Butler but his. New Kermode Uncut - What the Butler Saw; Gerard branches out @ KermodeMovie your opinion is void, after your twilight is better than Star Wars rubbish!.

NEW KERMODE UNCUT: In today's post Mark reviews the latest screen appearance by Shutup Buttwad. Kermode Uncut: What The Butler Saw. BBC film reviewer Mark Kermode reviews Gerard Butler's new movie Man in a Blue Jacket Watches a Tennis Match. What The Butler Saw. Kermode Uncut. BBC Radio 5 live · Kermode Uncut. More Friday 13 July , Mark Kermode Do some movies need to be seen with a real audience? Read more.

Mark Kermode talks about the different versions of The Wicker Man. Read more Mark's Uncut Film Club choice is Point Break. What The Butler Saw.

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