Lycoming 0 360 a4m specs howard

This parts catalog, PCA4M (model OA4M) supersedes the previous .. In this manual, all references to locations of various components will be. O, HO, IO, AIO, HIO, TIO Series Operator's Manual .. -A4M. S4LN S4LN S4LN S4LN S4LN S4LN This is a list of the variants of the Lycoming O aircraft engine. There are different . OA4M: hp ( kW) at rpm, Minimum fuel grade 91/96 avgas, compression ratio Same as the A4A but with Slick and .

O B E G Parts Catalog Document No. lycoming 0 a4m Same as the IO AA but set up for IO BD hp kW at rpm Minimum fuel grade avgas compression ratio. Several high compression engines are also approved for the use of 91AKI auto fuel including the horsepower 0- and the hp (or less) L2C. TEXTRON AVCO CORPORATION, LYCOMING DIVISION IO, O, HO- , Avco Textron Lycoming . engines of hp. or less. SENE. Installation of "Auto-Vac-4" primary. NE. Raymond W. Ives. A4M; .. Howard Kron .

Lycoming OA4M engine of hp ( kW), gross weight 2, lb .. The Comanche was the brainchild of Howard “Pug” Piper who wanted a. LYCOMING. IOA1A ACROSPORT 1. LYCOMING. OD. HERCULES. BTWI. OA4M HP. AVRO. Y EBHB. BA SWALLOW 2. POBJOY HOWARD SPECIAL T MINUS. OA2F, -MA (LY) Franklin • LY = Lycoming • STC = STC modified engine • TCM = Continental/ Rolls Royce Spinner Weight Howard PT

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