Magician cut in half how to

Sawing a woman in half is a generic name for a number of stage magic tricks in which a person .. In , Indian illusionist P. C. Sorcar used a buzzsaw to cut his wife in two during a televised performance. Just when he had divided her the . Man Cut in Half Costume: This costume is a major hit because the boy in the picture is "beside himself" as one man cost due to finding used clothing. Welcome to my another magic trick revealed post"How do magicians cut a body in half?"In this article, we will see how to saw a woman into two halves. It seems.

The second lady's half body is under the table near the wheel area and the legs are kept out. This way the magician easily cuts the lady into two and then into. These people haven't actually been sawn in half, obviously, but it looks The shirt is cut at the back so you are only wearing the top part. Sep 6, Funny magic act, man cut in half prank and video tutorial on how to make it yourself just in time for Halloween. (2 Videos).

A viral video of magician Justin Flom 'cutting' a baby girl in half is blowing people's minds.

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