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Terrence Howard 'cries on the stand' and claims his ex-wife 'threatened to The Empire star claimed that his ex-wife Michelle Ghent, 36, had. New lawsuit: Terrence Howard's ex wife Michelle Ghent has filed another action against the actor alleging he pushed her against a bathroom. The actor's second ex-wife Michelle Ghent is demanding a cut of his Empire wages. Empire of the sum: Terrence Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent has while at NYC premiere of Nona alongside husband Michael Polish.

Terrence Howard and his then-wife Michelle Ghent in Howard is seeking to get his divorce agreement with Ghent thrown out. (Michael. Terrence Howard, Michelle Ghent. Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bin. Consider the race card played. Two weeks after getting restrained by. Terrence Howard, Michelle Ghent. Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bin Terrence Howard's estranged wife, Michelle Ghent, secured a.

Terrence Howard said his ex-wife called him a “rat n****r” and Howard and Ghent were married for just over a year, and Ghent filed for. Michelle Ghent on TMZ, your go-to source for celebrity news, photos, & videos. Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Wins Appeal, Spousal Support Decision Reversed. Michael Buckner / Getty Images In her court declaration, Michelle Ghent Howard says her new husband “slugged” her in the face and neck. But in his court account, Terrence Howard, 42, says it was his wife who struck him.

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