Mordor how to save

it autosaves everytime you make progress. kill an orc, eating the flowers, and so on. no need to worry about saving. (but it would be nice to be. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor How to Save in the Game Hey guys welcome to my short video on how to save the game. If you are like me. For Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on the PlayStation 4, I realize it's auto save bc there is no option to save but I haven't noticed any icons.

How does this game save? Is it auto? I see no icon going when I complete missions or just get xp. Nor do I see a manual save. If it is auto, how. Is there any way to save manually? I just started a new game last night. I killed some guys, grabbed some intel from 2 people, and found some. I remember from gameplay videos with the developers, they said it's always autosaving after everything you do. I don't think you can even.

The sequel to the hugely popular Shadow of Mordor has received mostly praise from reviewers for its combat, as well as the continued use of. There's another interesting twist with Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War saves -- the game takes a look at your previous Shadow Of Mordor save. I recently got the game for the PS4 and I am loving it so far. However, I have to quit at sometimes abrupt notice, and I don't know how i can save. When asked where Middle-earth Shadow of War would let players import a save file from the previous game, creative vice president Michael de Plater gave an.

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