Purina game bird chow ingredients

Quality game bird feeds from Purina®. Purina® Game Bird Chow® products are manufactured according to strict specifications. Purina® Game Bird Chow®. Game Bird Maintenance is a protein-ration for maintaining breeders and mature game birds. Find more nutrition information here. 30% protein, complete feed for starting Turkeys, Pheasants, Quail, Chuckar and other exotic game birds. Meets the exacting requirements of game bird and turkey chicks. Feed as sole starting ration to game birds from weeks of age and turkeys from weeks of age.

Game Bird Layena is a 20% protein breeder diet formulated for fertility, egg production, and chick vigor. Find more nutrition information here. I purchased a bag of purina gamebird chow for my buttons and it was alot of larger seeds and some things that look almost like rabbit pellets. SKU - Purina Game Bird Startena Chow, Growth and Plumage, is a starter feed with a 30%-protein ration designed to support maximum early.

GAME BIRD STARTER BMD 30 MED-SO. Livestock & Farm · 2 Chicken, Poultry, Game, Fowl · Purina Game Bird Chow; GAME BIRD STARTER BMD 30% . You're viewing an auction for 10 lbs of Purina Gamebird Hi-Protein starter. This item will be repackaged in resealable plastic bags and shipped "free". This feed. alzalia.com: Dogswell Purina Mills Game Bird maintenance 50 lb Millet, Made from the House of dogswell, llc; Quality ingredients used; Suitable to be used.

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