Sharenator pandemic 2 how to infect

Okay, so it's been a while since I beat Pandemic 2 and got Kongregate's President Madagascar Assassin Badge, but I'll try to answer with what. Can't infect Madagascar before the ports close? A common Pandemic 2 strategy is simply restarting the game until you luck out and start in Madagascar. The_one_King posted: [blockquote][b]LeiKaiSing[/b] posted:[hr] [blockquote][b] The_one_King[/b] posted:[hr] So basically it's new game or.

choose parasite. sell all symptom you need to have no visibility. just wait and the number of infected will grow. buy all drug resistance. You must. why would you nuke, bomb, infect, then nuke the penguins again?!oh god why?!! virus Madagascar as a tribute to pandemic 2 where MADAGASCAR IS EVIL!. 2. i don't like to admit it but #7 is very true. JonnymusPrime; 7 years ago. × What's your reason to report this comment? Report. 2. I think I speak for everyone.

and yeah making a game based on pandemic 2 is pretty good. and if you want to get a new trait of infection like fever ect you have to play a infection minigame. Piano & Voice, Singing, Music theory, Keyboard, Guitar teacher's blog with Zach Sorgen. http://natural-sinus- that "the AIDS pandemic has inflicted are amongst the greatest reversal in human lyrechord9/.

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