Soft cup how to insert a suppository

A suppository is a medicine delivery system that can be used to insert various drugs, herbs, Is it advisable to use a menstrual cup instead of sanitary pads?. I've heard some people insert a tampon after to hold it in place. However Have you thought about using soft cups instead of a tampon? D. Vaginal suppositories are used for days, even during menstruation. The cup is the best menstrual protection with the yeast infection, as it allows the lower .

(Sidenote: I'm not great at keeping track of my own menstrual cycle, but that's a suppository and shoved it up my vagina (you can also insert it. Well I have a yeasty and a pretty nasty one I'd say too. Last night I put in two boric acid capsules and went to bed. This morning no relief yet from my yeast. Suppositories allow for the insertion of herbal preparations into a body orifice. Melt ΒΌ cup each of cocoa butter and coconut oil. 2. Soft stools in the rectum may be evacuated by a bisacodyl suppository; however, this may be ineffective if .

I use them on my period instead of tampons. A diva cup would work too. It's more expensive but if you have to do suppositories the whole.

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