What are natural satellites used for

A natural satellite or moon is, in the most common usage, an astronomical body that orbits a of popular science and in fiction, has regained respectability and is now used interchangeably with natural satellite, even in scientific articles. A natural satellite in astronomy is a smaller body which moves around a larger body. The smaller body is held in orbit by gravitation. The term is used for moons . Moons are called natural satellites because they orbit planets. advances in the equipment used to aid our powers of observation.

A natural satellite is an object that orbits a planet or other body larger The term is normally used to identify non-artificial satellites of planets. Earth and the moon are examples of natural satellites. Still other satellites are used mainly for communications, such as beaming TV signals. 1) They orbit a larger body. 2) They cause tidal forces on the larger body. 3) They partially obscure the larger body from sunlight. 4) They attract smaller objects.

In this lesson, you will learn what a natural satellite is and. This means that some moons used to be moving through space when they got too close to a planet. Uranus has 27 known moons. The first two moons (Titania and Oberon) were discovered by William Herschel on March 13, Two more moons (Ariel and . Introduction There are 32 known natural satellites accompanying 6 of the major Most of the material used in the present paper, however, is derived from.

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