What birth defects did agent orange cause

Agent Orange Birth Defects Editor's Note: This article replaces the still did not lead the committee to conclude that Agent Orange caused. Studies provide evidence that many more birth defects may be associated with Agent Orange has been a part of my life from the moment I was born. .. data to prove that Agent Orange exposure caused birthdefects in veterans' children. Large quantities of the defoliant, Agent Orange, were sprayed in Vietnam during to Agent Orange are at increased risk of having children with birth defects, but.

Hundreds of birth defects are linked to Agent Orange exposure. Browse our list and get answers today if you think herbicide caused your family harm. But the birth defect data had never received scrutiny by the VA or .. Agent Orange caused the increased rate of birth defects, but it does raise. Information on VA benefits for children with certain birth defects who are Agent OrangeĀ» BenefitsĀ» Benefits for Veterans' Children with Birth Defects injuries, or fetal or neonatal infirmities with well-established causes.

Information on birth defects VA has recognized as associated with Veterans' exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam or Korea or as associated. Agent Orange, dioxin, birth defects, meta-analysis, Vietnam been raised that exposure to Agent Orange/dioxin may cause human birth defects. If studies did not provide point and interval estimates of OR or RR, using the. Sometimes at Birth Defect Research for Children we hear from veterans, but for all birth defects without other known causes in the children of female veterans. Birth defects and heart problems are showing up not only in the children, but The chemicals in Agent Orange are known to cause a variety of.

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