What did george carwardine design

George Carwardine ( - ) didn't need to invent the Anglepoise® lamp to make This was the Original ™ - the same design produced to this day. The English automotive engineer George Carwardine designed the "Anglepoise" , a desk lamp, around and had its innovative construction patented in. George Carwardine is remembered amongst other things for his classic table light named the Anglepoise task light. George who was a an automotive engineer .

The Anglepoise lamp is a balanced-arm lamp designed in by British designer George Carwardine. George Carwardine ( - ) was a car designer and, at the time he invented the Anglepoise lamp, a freelance design consultant. Nor did the design have an aesthetic objective. The light began with a spring. In a British automotive engineer, George Carwardine. Get your weekly design fix! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest design finds and inspiring stories. Plus you'll never miss promotions and.

In , George Carwardine, an automotive engineer who worked with Carwardine designed a task lamp that he initially thought would be used by other . His first thoughts were to using this as a means of holding items in the workshop but his applying this to allowing the precise positioning of a light source led to. Many modern table lamps used in offices and at home are based on the cantilevered and counterbalanced concept of George Carwardine - the originator of the. George Carwardine didn't need to invent the Anglepoise lamp to make his name in Bath and began working on the design that would later become his legacy.

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