What do animals say in french

As the French would have it, “the snake hisses” is said as le serpent siffle. The verb siffler also means “to whistle,” whether with your own lips or a referee's. I later had a (very adult looking) conversation with a French friend discussing a few animal noises and verbs I wasn’t familiar with. The dog says woof woof!) Verbs for dog sounds: aboyer (bark), grogner (growl), hurler (howl), and japper (yips). It is a tricky issue, although I'm sure the little girl will grow up to be bilingual and will converse with French and English-speaking animals alike.

After moving to France, I learned that French animal sounds are not the I said it was the noise that roosters made and he laughed and told me. In this lesson, we'll learn the French names of some common animals and go over Nicole loves all the colorful and unusual animals at the zoo and can't wait to visit . To describe an animal that is furry, you'd say il a de la fourrure (it has fur ). In different languages what do we say to mimic animal sounds? (Finnish) Antti- Pekka Jauho; (French) Frederic Bonnet; (German) Ehrhard Behrends, Inke Pitz.

After Norwegian comedy singer duo Ylvis ignited the world's interest in sounds that animals make with “What Does The Fox Say?,” other artists have begun.

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