What does das vorspiel meanings

Vorspiel definition is - a musical prelude or overture. English Translation of “Vorspiel” | The official Collins German-English Dictionary online. Natürlich wäre die verlogene Zirkuskritik nur der Anfang, das Vorspiel. You can describe an event as a prelude to a more important event when it. striktly translated from german it means forplay in a sexual meaning, but has been person2: Nah I got invited to a vorspiel that lasts until

German term or phrase: das würdige Vorspiel. zu einer yes, that's how I would translate it priceless - unbezahlbar and relating meanings. Mai This is handwriting, either Verspiel or Vorspiel, from a WWII diary. The boy was a Luftwaffenhelfer. Any idea what this word could mean in this. Vorspiel translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also ' vorspielen',vorspiegeln' das ist erst das Vorspiel hum that is just for starters inf.

vorspiel ~ meaning» DictZone German-English dictionary. vorspiel ~ in English. das Vorspiel ˈfoːɐ̯ˌʃpiːl des Vorspieles, des Vorspiels; die Vorspiele. Vorspiel n (genitive Vorspiels or Vorspieles, plural Vorspiele). (music) prelude ( kind of short piece of music); (music) recital (performance, especially by learners . Here is a selection of German words you definitely don't want to mix up! they sound similar, because they are the same (but have different meanings), Das Vorspiel is the German word for foreplay, while die Vorspeise is a. Editor's note: They do, but with a completely different meaning. Vorspiel in German means 'foreplay' while Nachspiel means 'epilogue' or 'sequel'. Das wird ein Nachspiel haben literally means 'This is going to lead to negative consequences'.

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