What if summer breeze chords

[Unusual chords] Am7/D: x Bm7/E: x Amaj7/B: x A6/B: C/G G Gsus4 G Blowin' through the jasmine in my mi-ind Am7 Bm7 Summer breeze. Summer Breeze chords Seals & Crofts * [Intro] Em C 2x Em G\D A E 2x s me know everything is all right [Chorus] Am Bm Summer breeze, makes me feel fine; . Summerbreeze - Johnossi alzalia.com Capo 6th Fret (strum the C Cause if you think love will come towards you D like a warm summerbreeze G.

Summer Breeze Chords - Seals And Croft, version (1). Play Summer Breeze Chords using simple video lessons. Get chords for songs by Summer Breeze. seals & crofts - summer breeze - (rare studio tv - ) - bubblerock - hd.

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