What is albert einsteins iq score

Kashmea Wahi (left) scored two points higher than Albert Einstein on an IQ test Lots of people of late are trying to measure up to Einstein's IQ. Now, there does exist various estimates, or more or less educated guesses, of Einstein's possible IQ score. They are based on the fact that the IQ, or more. An year-old boy has scored higher in an IQ test than the projected scores of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. It is a whole two points higher than the estimated IQs of German-born theoretical physicist Einstein and celebrated cosmologist Hawking. Although neither Hawking or.

Everyone with an IQ score higher than is lucky enough to have an above than others, I'm sure you've heard of Albert Einstein and his incredibly high IQ .. I was told that Einstein's was because the measurement. The Intelligence Quotient or 'The IQ' has been the go-to term during discussions of a Albert Einstein (IQ score: – ); Stephen Hawking (IQ score: ). Albert einsteins IQ test. 3 Comments; Feedback. There are many smart people in this world but there were only a few true geniuses. Albert Einstein was one of.

Albert Einstein had an IQ of about Credit: Library of Congress. A year-old girl in Cheshire County, England, has scored on an IQ. A young girl in the UK has outperformed geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in a Mensa-supervised IQ test. Twelve-year-old Lydia. Nicole Barr, a year-old from Essex in England just scored a on her Mensa IQ test — that's two points higher than what Albert Einstein.

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