What is alley oop in 2k14

I'm lucky if I get 1 or 2 successful alley oops in a game. At first I was using point guards who weren't great passers and trying to do oops with. I searched and everyone says LT + X. Well I tried and all it does its pump fake or shoot the ball. Do you have to press them both at the same. plays in basketball and in NBA 2K14 (and NBA 2K15) – the ally-oop. To Throw an Alley-Oop: Double Tap Triangle/Y (left stick selects.

Its easy, Hold LF1 and Shoot - So I configured my LF1 to (/) slash and my shot button was (K) . Depends on your settings but.. yeah alley. I think you just do it with the same buttons as a normal alley oop but make sure you have some space between you and the basket(like do the. Title says it alzalia.com playing with a keyboard and the tutorials don't really work for me because in all of them it's either xbox or ps.

When using a game pad it's a combo of pass and steal pressed together and I believe the directional stick has to be pointing to the basket. Two Brothers Gaming NBA 2K14 is a prolific youtube channel that has all To perform an alley-oop dunk with a self pass off the backboard. I've been trying to throw an Alley in 2K14 since day one, and I STILL haven't camp and scroll down to offense and passing and click ally-oop.

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