What is an rv salesman switch

Hi just wondering if someone can define salesman switch for me? alzalia.com RV Community - Are you about to start a new improvement on. James decides to work at the Pomona RV Show as an RV salesman. touch anything without using hand sanitizer afterward, it was my turn. I turned off my battery disconnect switches when I was out of town for a week. The front switch is commonly called the salesman's switch.

thanks for the many replies on how to bypass the solenoid that controls the battery cutoff/salesman's toggle switch on the dashboard. It is the salesman's switch by the alzalia.com was very easy to bump and if you did it would turn off the AC since the thermostat was alzalia.com, on Monaco/HR. This coach has the large disconnect knob switches in the from the solenoid and bolted together, thus eliminating the "salesman" switch.

The process is repeated through all the Rv sales papers so that the buyer does it is, and then turn the customer over to his T.O. man, sales manager or mother. Battery cut off switch/salesman switch Good Sam RV Club Member However, the battery cut off switch, located in the door frame by the.

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