What is direct fire attack

METHODS OF FIRE ATTACK. --ANDREW A. FREDERICKS. Direct method: Involves direct water application on the burning fuel to cool it below. This is the first of a three-lesson training on basic fire attack, covering direct fire attack. Lesson 1 covers the elements of offensive fire attack, initial engine. Direct fire refers to the launching of a projectile directly at a target within the line- of-sight of the This could be the result of rapid maneuvering by ground forces, an attack by airborne troops, or from the lack of defined front lines as found in.

Dear Nozzlehead: After reading your article answering the question about direct or indirect fire attack on structure fires (“Try It You'll Like It,”), I felt that I had to. Direct versus. Indirect. TEAMS. Page 1. Direct attack: A strategy in which firefighters work very close to the fire's edge, either building fireline or. situation with which the fire crews are confronted, will determine the best way to apply a direct attack. 2. Penciling. Penciling was introduced in Belgium in the.

There are several recognised techniques for fighting a fire, City Fire Protection This uses both indirect and direct attacks to combat the overhead gases and the. Now a decision must be made concerning how to attack a fire. The methods of attack are direct, parallel, and indirect. Direct attack is made directly on the fire's.

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