What size grips for golf clubs

Find Your Size | Golf Pride is the global leader in golf grip fit & innovation | Use our grip selector to find your perfect golf grip today. Find your perfect golf grip size with the Interactive Golf Grip Size Selector. Start improving your game with golf grips tailored to your needs. Try it out today. Standard-size grips for golf clubs are appropriate for most golfers and skill levels. However, some golfers can benefit greatly from oversized or undersized grips.

Only slightly more than half (11 of 21) preferred the standard-size grips on their 5- iron after hitting test shots with the other 5 test clubs. Given that we all have different hand sizes and are aware that junior and ladies' golf clubs have different grip sizes to men's, it should be. The proper grip size plays a significant role in a golfers' ability to control the club and in turn, the ball flight. With a neutral (standard) grip size, the golfer can.

The grip is the only part of a golf club you actually touch during a swing, so it can Conventional wisdom suggests that a proper size grip allows the fingers in a.

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