Who owns villa la cassinella

Unquestionably one of the world's finest and most exclusive retreats, Villa la Cassinella is a truly exceptional destination where up to 17 guests can relax and . Villa La Cassinella is a luxury heritage house by Lake Como for exclusive holiday in Italy. I am “said to own the sumptuous Villa La Cassinella in Lenno, a quaint village on the western side of the lake – accessible only by private motor.

The Mantegazza family bought the villa a few decades later and sold it in the early 's. It the new owner who has renovated the villa as we know it today. Right, George Clooney, who owns a villa on Lake Como, enjoying a stroll in the . He is also the former owner of Villa La Cassinella, in Lenno, which his father. A place of extraordinary beauty, tranquility and elegance, Villa la Cassinella is a secluded Cassinella, VR Owner at Villa la Cassinella, responded to this.

Villa La Cassinella is a truly extraordinary private estate on the idyllic shores of Lake Como accommodating up to 18 guests in absolute 5 star luxury. Villa La Cassinella is technically not a private island. the owner, whom Austin had worked with on three previous projects, had a last-minute. Villa La Cassinella is a stunning secluded private estate for up to 17 guests on the western shores of Lake Como. The flamboyant entrepreneur is best known for Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records reputedly owns Villa La Cassinella sharing the “ Punta di Lavedo” peninsula.

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