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ABC decided to put Whose Line opposite those shows because while they . of the languages given to Drew and Sid to fake in Foreign Film Dub was Arabic. Jerry Springer as a stripper has Ryan pretend to pull brass stripper poles out of a . Main Page | Tropes A To C | Tropes D to I | Tropes J to R | Tropes S to Z Absentee Actor: The fourth and seventh episodes of the series' second season . Game: Foreign Film Dub: "Banished on the Breezes" in Farsi. Wayne Props: Colin & Ryan - wavy furry brown mats, Brad & Karen - circles on poles (lollipops).

Favourite Lines from Mark Longmuir's guide to the improvisational TV show ' Whose Line is it Anyway? Ryan: "I didn't know how to tell you this, but one of the people on the yacht that sank. your wife. . Foreign Film Dub - Tony and Mike speaking Russian, and Ryan translating one of . It's a brand of shoe polish isn't it?. Props: Colin & Ryan - orange 'tongue', Stephen & Josie - long bendy poles. Let's Make A . Foreign Film Dub: "The Return of the Killer Tomatoes" in Polish. Despite this, many people on both sides find the two shows hilarious. .. Colin unwittingly slips into this in a session of "Whose Line", presumably Bilingual Bonus: In one playing of "Foreign Film Dub", Jeff Davis spoke a bit of actual Spanish. described out loud as "a tin of furniture polish with the brand name erased!".

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